Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ode to my dog

What is it about this dog?
Soft kisses with a wet nose,
Gentle licks with a soft tongue.
What is it about his silky warm fur?
Him curled up at the bottom of the bed,
Sweet brown eyes watching me pass by.
I snuggle my face behind his ears
and scratch his head, dear heart.

What is it about his devotion?
This dog that howls in excitement,
When I walk in the house;
Back end wagging so hard,
about to split in half with joy.
What is it about his energy?
This dog that flies so fast after balls,
frisbees, sticks and pinecones.
So smart he rings a bell to go outside,
and closes the door on command.

How can a dog be so cute?
When he cocks his head
on hearing the word "walk",
eyeing me with expectation,
an anticipated pause.
Like holding breath.
How can we not be in love with this dog?

So loyal, so good, this dog
that will follow my daughter
into her bedroom when she's
scared of dark corners.
This dog that brings our family together.
This dog, our beautiful dog, our Dasher.


Sandy said...

How can you not love a dog that when you see a picture of his head tilted you want to tilt yours too.

John Piers Cilliers said...

Some guy posted on a forum [That I visit most days] about his dog that died so I Googled "Ode to a dog called Chad" and this is where I found myself!

All I can say is, what a beautiful dog, he is magnificent! May he give you guys love and joy for many years to come! I hope he is still around, I say this because I see this blog is pretty old!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem! It made my day. Thanks!