Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer Fun Series: Outdoor Concerts

We've been doing so many fun things lately that encompass the heart of summer that I decided to do a "Summer Fun Series" since I can't cover everything in one post! The first is on Outdoor Concerts.

The NC Museum of Art has been doing outdoor movies and concerts for many years but we've never attended them. Either the movies were too late or the concerts didn't really interest us. Several weeks ago, I came across a flyer announcing that one of our favorite bands was performing! Southern Culture on the Skids - a local band from Chapel Hill that we've seen numerous times when we lived in San Francisco, was paired up with an outdoor movie, Talledega Nights. If you know anything about SCOTS, you'll know that this is a perfect combination!

What a glorious evening it was - warm with low humidity. As the sun dropped, we enjoyed chilled wine and snacks. I observed other groups of friends enjoying picnics in the grass, kids dancing around like little jumping beans, people wandering around in barefeet and everyone be-bopping to the music - such hits as "Too Much Pork for Just One Fork" and "Liquored Up and Lacquered Down". In fact, my friend and I even got to dance on the stage with the band during "Eight Piece Box" and throw fried chicken to the audience! What a blast!

If being outdoors on such a comfortable evening and enjoying great music wasn't good enough, once the performance was over, we assembled our chairs on the lawn and watched the movie on the big screen - the same ones they used to have at the drive-ins! It was so relaxing to sit beneath the stars in the fresh air and joke with our "lawn chair" neighbors. Much more fun than any theater!

We had such a great time and ticket prices were much lower than any amphitheater concert. If you have any organizations in your area that offer outdoor concerts and movies, I highly recommend them. It's the epitome of summer - enjoying life in the great outdoors!

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