Monday, October 15, 2007

Growing Hair for Locks of Love

I really dislike going to the hairdresser. It's fine when I'm there and I do enjoy having someone shampoo my hair while I just lean back and relax, but it's the hassle of making the appointment and fitting it into my schedule that seems to be such an issue. Plus, my normal hairdresser just raised her price to $50.00 per visit and I just can't see spending that much for a haircut!

So, for the past several months, I've been looking for a new hairdresser, which I also dislike. I'll ask people who did their hair and make a silent resolution to make an appointment, but never do it. While I procrastinate this rather simple task, my hair has been growing and growing.

Then my neighbor, who has beautiful, long auburn hair, told me that she's growing it out for Locks of Love. Then the woman who plays the piano for our choir had her lovely brunette locks chopped and told us she made a donation to Locks of Love, too! What a great idea, I thought - I don't have to visit the hairdresser and it's for a good cause!

So, I decided that I would join them and the men (yes, men), women and children across the nation and grow my own hair for Locks of Love.

Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss such as Alopecia and Cancer. Since 1998, they have provided hairpieces to over 2,000 children up to the age of 18. The hairpieces they create are top-notch. They don't require the use of tape or glue but have a vacuum seal so that kids can swim and play sports without the fear of losing it or someone pulling it off.

Stories on their website talk about the recipients of the hairpieces gaining their self confidence, improving their self-esteem and often helping to boost their medical condition. Some of these kids are so young, it's hard to imagine what they have had to endure. Even the teenagers - trying to find their self-identity while having to battle these illnesses. Can you imagine having to go to the prom without one strand of hair? The pictures on their website bring tears to the eye!

Here is another little fact that just might make you weepy: 80% of the donors to Locks of Love are children who wish to help other children! It's too sweet, isn't it?

I've been so inspired by this organization, that I've decided to make this a blogger event and I hope that you will join! I will be creating a separate blog for participation information where you can get your very own thermometer and icon to post on your blog. (See my thermometer on the left side bar of my blog.) I'll list all the participants on this Sunnispace blog as well as the new one.
It's my hope that we can share stories, hair care tips, hairstyle ideas and other interesting facts with each other as we grow our lovely locks for this important cause.

In the meantime, take a look at the Locks of Love website - I think you'll be touched by the heartwarming stories and inspiration of these kids and all of those involved with such a great organization.

So - I'm off and running! (Or, off and "growing" rather.) Here is the plan: since my new blog is not ready yet, please leave a comment if you think you might be interested. I'll contact you via your blog when it's ready yet. Or, spread the word! Tell friends and family about this blogger event. Be sure to check back often - I hope to have at least 25 bloggers involved!
I hope that you will join me on this journey! I think it will be a fun event and you know how it is... the more the merrier!!

And look at this, could my daughter join me? She's thinking about it. At eight years old, with such lovely hair, it's a big decision! But she already has the required length, if not more. We'll see what she decides...

Update: I had someone ask about the thermometer on my sidebar that has since been removed. If you're interested, please leave a comment and I'll email you the html!


Kari & Kijsa said...

We love the whole idea of locks of love-such a wonderful and easy way to help people! You story in your comment was wonderfully sweet! We will think of it everytime we point!
kari & kijsa

chocolate girl said...

such a wonderful thing to good friends just cut their hair for locks of love and I too am planning on taking my daughters and myself to get this done as well :)

Sunnispace said...

Hi chocolate girls and kari & kijsa - check out the new site, I'd love to have you linked in if you want to participate! let me know!

middlemath1 said...


Thanks for the encouragement and hair advise. I am with you on the time, expenses and ritual of having to get your hair cut. I am very interested in donating the length of my hair (16 inches to ponytail), as well is my daughter who gave me the idea to googole information for her to do this first and she encouraged me by saying she wants to donate some of her's (to her waist). I don't understand the icon of a thermometer on the left side of your page. Can you email more information? I want to put one on my webpage where I teach 8th grade and have a student with leukemia.