Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Little Chef

This week my daughter was given a "Teach and Tell" assignment (instead of show and tell). She chose to teach her class how to make cornbread! The fascination with cornbread started about a week before when my husband brought home a cast-iron fajitas skillet. He was throwing together dinner and poured cornbread onto the skillet for a quick starch to accompany the meal.

Apparently this was quite appealing to my daughter who decided to make cornbread, all by herself, for breakfast the next morning. Since I wasn't in the kitchen the night before, I was a little surprised by the addition of sprinkling sugar on the skillet "just like Daddy did", but since Daddy had already left for work, I took her word for it and she continued.

Well, her little cornbread breakfast was quite tasty, so she decided this was going to be the subject for her "Teach and Tell" project. I don't think I can express how cute this whole process was but I will share that she typed up her own instructions and cooked it all by herself while I took pictures for the display part of her presentation. Here's the recipe:

How to make Cornbread

1.First heat up a pan.

2.Sprinkle sugar on pan.

3.Second put some Cornbread mix into a bowl.

4.Next add some Milk to the Cornbread and stir.

5.Then pour the Cornbread mix into the pan and let sit.

6.Last you flip the Cornbread and let sit again.

7.Finally you put the Cornbread on a pleat, and now you have a delicious treat!

So, there you go! Now you can make your own scrumptious cornbread. (Check out Sunniviews for more pictures!)


Mary said...

Awww, that's so precious! Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Oh how cute! She's going to be just like her Daddy. I'll have to try that recipe. See you tonite!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Adorable! We love a yummy cornbread...thanks for a new recipe!! We know your heart was so proud watching your sweet girl do this!

kari & kijsa

Colleen E formerly of South Africa said...

I love cornbread!Yum. Mskes me watn to make some...NOt had any since back from Africa. Thanks for the visit. Colleen ....adjusting from Africa

Nan said...

That was fun. I'm sure she did a great demonstration.