Saturday, December 15, 2007

Deck the Halls...

Every year, my office holds a door decorating contest (or cube-decorating contest for those of us in cubicles.) It creates quite a buzz with everyone discussing their new ideas for the year. This year was no different! We had Santas falling down chimneys, giant door-sized wrapped gifts, winter wonderlands, crackling fireplaces, lots of Christmas trees and plenty of festive wreaths.

I based my decorations on a quote I found several weeks ago and modified it slightly:
"A single candle can light a thousand
and not be diminished... Happiness never dwindles when it is shared."

I got some large cardboard from the warehouse and cut out a giant Christmas tree. I hooked up the drill and punched about 150 holes in it to hold about 150 lights. I taped a candle light to the top and surrounded it with a golden cardboard halo drenched in glitter. I folded some bright red paper strips and made little cutout people joined by hand and foot with sparkling hearts on their chests. I used about 10 large paperclips folded inside-out to hook it to my cubicle fabric, hung some wrapping paper as my background and glued my lovely quote beside it. It turned out to be quite pretty!

This year, our judges were a group of volunteers that come every week. They are from a home of mentally challenged adults and are the sweetest, most loving people you've every met. Of course, we couldn't fraternize with the judges as they walked by, but I heard them and had to hold back the tears as they read the quote on my cube to their counselors. It was so touching! When they left, our receptionist found some t-shirts and pens to give them as a thank-you for their hard work and you would have thought she was handing out a million dollars to each of them. They were ecstatic! What a perfect group to judge such a fun and festive competition!

Anyway, we had our Christmas party a few days later and I was shocked to hear that I had won first prize this year! What an honor!

Here is a sample of some of my amazingly creative co-workers... Kudos to everyone!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Sounds like you work in a great office! How much fun to be able to have fun with your space that way. Have the Best of Holidays.....Rosie

Nan said...

That's fantastic! What a great idea to get the spirit going. You're so creative.

Mary said...

What a fun contest! Your coworkers really had some imaginative decorations. I love your lighted tree, and that wonderful quotation!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Manspace said...

You go girl. If you get really handy with the power tools I may let you into the Manspace!.

Donna said...

Congratulations on winning 1st prize Jen! Such creativity! Love that verse!

bj said...

ahhhh, what a sweet story. I love your did a great job on it. The others look nice, as well.
Merry Christmas!