Saturday, December 1, 2007

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Last weekend we headed out to our local hardware store right after Thanksgiving and bought our Christmas tree. I always like to start this process early in the season. There have been times in the past that we've waited too long to get our tree and there are slim pickings on the lots. Just like Charlie Brown, I feel sorry for the slightly imperfect trees that are left behind. I think one year I even chose one of those poor trees on purpose because I just couldn't imagine it going to the dump without one beautiful Christmas bulb to grace it's pretty little spindly tree limbs!

The fluffy evergreens were lined up in abundant rows this year and we were lucky to find the perfect tree right off the bat. Our daughter was excited to help get it wrapped up put in the car. The scent of pine surrounded us and we sang Christmas carols all the way home.

What's even more exciting than finding the perfect tree is bringing down all the Christmas boxes from the attic and unpacking them for another season. My daughter announced that this is her favorite... going through all the special little treasures we've collected through the years - in addition to bringing down her little pink shimmering tree we put in her room every year. I also have a tradition of my own - heading out to the after-season sales and buying a special something for the next year. My pleasant little purchase from last year was a box of beautiful red and purple tear drop shaped bulbs with sparkling gold swirlies. Fabulous!

My absolute favorite part about decorati
ng the Christmas tree is sitting in the dark after it's finished as it shines in all its lovely, peaceful glory. A Christmas tree, to me, seems like a giant beautifully decorated nightlight - jam packed with items that bring back the most delightful memories of the past. 'How lovely are thy branches' indeed!

What a joy this time of year is! The start of wonderful, magical things to come!


Nunnie's Attic said...

Well thank you so much for visiting me and paying me such nice compliments. Your tree is beautiful. And I love the pink tree of your daughter's. I know quite a few bloggers who would go crazy over it.

Please come back and visit again.


Mary said...

Oh, your tree looks so beautiful! My kids always love all the traditions of decorating for the holidays, too, even though they're 20 and 16! And I know what yo mean about sitting in the dark and gazing at it after it's finished -- definitely the best part!

Donna said...

Your tree looks absolutely fabulous! Love your ornaments and the little pink tree. I do the same thing at night in the dark and can't help but feel that wonderful holiday feeling surround me.