Monday, January 28, 2008

Racing Cars on Chilly Days

For Christmas, my husband got a gift that has been his obsession for the past 4 weeks - a little battery-operated racing car. Apparently, this is a pretty big hobby in the lives of many. They have races all over the country, spare parts for sale all over the web and fancy little attachments that can be purchased for a small fortune.

Since my dad picked out this special little gift for him, we decided to hook up with my parents and take the car for a spin. We headed to a mini-track beside the Antique & Hobby Barn on a chilly Sunday afternoon. There were a few funny things about this track (well, I found them funny, maybe the regulars would be pretty serious about them): they had an elevated stand so that you could get an ariel view of the track while operating your car, there was a sidewall all around the track to prevent fly-aways and various sized heavy cable spools used as chairs and tables for spectators.

I had to admit, I loved watching this little car flying around the track, crashing into the sidewalls, speeding over ramps and flipping around like a little mechanical acrobat. My daughter was the official car jockey and would set the it back on the track after its dastardly crashes. My husband also tried to reenact a famous Evil Knievel-like jump with my daughter laying down in front of a mini-ramp, which didn't quite work out so well, as you can see...

After a little while, my mom and I decided to explore the grounds around the barn. There was a lovely pond out back, quite breathtaking actually. The light was just right, so I caught some beautiful pictures. My daughter discovered the hobby house cat that followed us around as we explored and enjoyed the views. He meowed so much, she named him Meowzers.

Once the batteries of the little car were drained, we decided to a little trip to Starbucks to warm up. Perfect way to end a chilly day! (More pics of this excursion on Sunniviews!)


Deb said...

My husband & son would love that too. Sounds like a fun day (especially the antique & hobby barn and Starbucks part) :-}
I loved the snowy picture in your previous post! Just beautiful.

Colleen Eskridge almost formerly of South Africa said...

Think that track looks like fun.... and starbucks sounds divine! Glad you enjoyed your day. Colleen in Africa