Sunday, March 2, 2008

Subways, Snow and Sky-High Adventures

My daughter and I just got back from New York - the big dazzling city that it is! She had never been to NYC before, much less on the plane that took us there, so it was a thrilling adventure for her.

When we arrived at the airport, she asked all kinds of questions about security: why we had to take our shoes off, why we couldn't bring scissors, what the wand is for and how the x-ray machine works... (Interesting topics for sure!) Once we made it through, she wanted to find our gate, find our plane and buy some snacks. The flight attendant let her peek in the cockpit, she waved to the Marshaller (the guy who guides the planes... yes, I had to look that up) who was nice enough to wave back - five times, and collected more snacks. When the plane took off, she nearly lost her breath and when she found it, she started to giggle and exclaimed that it was like riding a roller coaster, only a whole lot better! We played aviation bingo, visited the bathrooms (which really are very fascinating, doncha think) and enjoyed our snacks.

My sister met us at the airport and we headed to her house. My daughter was beside herself on the subway. Once the initial intimidation subsided, she was right at home, swinging in circles around the bar and peeking out the window at the sights. My sister, a seasoned subway rider, was dismayed by the swinging, so we quickly had to make a rule about that.

It snowed on our first day there and was absolutely beautiful. Seven inches falling fast on a Friday morning. My daughter had never seen so much of the fluffy stuff before and just about jumped out of her skin. Our day was filled with snow angels, snowball fights and snowmen. We stopped at Union Square to let her run wild with the other snow-obsessed NY kids while we sipped coffee on the sidewalk and chatted with other moms. One had lived in NY for over 30 years and her son, who was deeply engaged in a serious snowball fight with my daughter, was named, I kid you not, Cosmo Raleigh. I felt like we were in a scene straight from Seinfeld!

For much of the time we were there, my daughter was dripping wet from the snow. On the Union Square Park day, a puddle literally formed around her as we stood on the subway. She lost her hat on the first day (probably in the park). I gave her one of mine, which is no doubt in the lost and found of the Empire State Building gift shop on the 80th floor. There was one day her boots were so soaked that her freezing cold toes turned numb. We took the boots off on the subway and wrapped her feet in gloves and a scarf!

Anywhere the snow had piled up, my daughter had to tromp through it. She was the queen of any sidewalk snow mountain and the maker of a thousand snowballs! Where ever there was snow, there was my daughter.

But, oh my, it was gorgeous. It sparkled in the fading winter sunlight on Liberty Island. It softly rested on statues and park benches. Birds frolicked playfully in the drifts. It melted slowly and was just about gone on our last night there after we had enjoyed the best tasting Brooklyn pizza that I've ever had the pleasure of eating.

What an experience! New York City in winter! (More pics of our trip on Sunniviews)

P.S. Note to moms and dads - To keep my daughter occupied on the plane and interested in all things NY, I found some great websites with printable activity pages. Enjoy!
Aviation Bingo
Learn All About Airports
Aviation Alphabet, Inside the Cockpit and more
Fun NYC Travel Map
NY State Quarter Worksheet & Design Your Own Quarter
NY State Crossword Puzzle
Empire State Building Coloring Pages
Empire State Building Activity Page
Statue of Liberty Junior Ranger Activity Booklet


Donna said...

Hi Jen,
I'm glad your back blogging again! Love the pictures of NY and I know you guys had a fabulous time!

keeper of the chocolates said...

oh Jen!!! i am living vicariously thru you right now. my dream is to take my daughters to NY one day....what a wonderful retreat and such memories for a lifetime...


Deb said...

Your trip to New York sounds fantastic! Great photos.

Tara said...

wow--lots going on here, I'm coming back to reread!I live here in NY and learned alot!

Alexandra, Writing & Baking Enthusiast said...

So glad you had a good time. Yes, the rain has been woooonderful, hasn't it? :)

Mary said...

I'm so glad you and your daughter had such a great time. It's nice to see the snow through a child's eyes once in awhile; I'm afraid it's too often just a pain in the neck to me! :)

For some reason, I never realized you were Donna's daughter!

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Hi Jen,

Having previously been a trainer for Chase Manhattan Bank, I've traveled to NY many times. But, I stil remember being excited about the subway....perhaps because it's synonymous with NY.

Glad I found your's wonderful!