Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Very Good Friday

Last Friday, Good Friday, we decide to go to the park to get out into the delightfully fresh, spring air. We went to a park near our home that we don't often visit. I forget how much fun this park is... cherry trees lining the entrance, two fun playgrounds, lots of open space for dogs to run, a hiking trail... and all situated beside a big beautiful lake.

I was amazed by how much we discovered in the few hours we were there. The hiking trail has little wooden signs attached to a few trees along the way. It shows the shape of the leaf and a few other clues to indicate the type of tree such as a pinecone or a flower. When you flip the sign up, you find your answer. The kids had fun running along the trail finding all the tree signs.

We stopped to gaze at a swampy little inlet and discovered mama and baby turtles sunning themselves on logs protruding from the water. Around the bend we found a tiny little island through the trees. The kids declared it their territory and staked a flag. The island was so small and cute it reminded me of the pictures I drew as a kid. In all of them I always included a big lake with a bridge leading to an island in the center. Sometimes there would be a gazebo or a tree on the little island - a special getaway spot to read books or dream.

Down the trail further, we found a group of kids standing on an embankment swinging from the longest "tarzan" vine I'd ever seen! I swear the thing was at least 30 feet long and was so perfectly situated beside the embankment. I would have guessed it was built specifically for that purpose! We spend the next 20 minutes watching the kids laughing and shrieking from the pure pleasure of swinging in large lazy circles on the long vine. (See video below!)

On our way out, my daughter peeked in the dumpster by the parking lot. What did she find but a little raccoon curled up asleep at the bottom. We couldn't believe our eyes! He peeked up at us with an anxious gaze but didn't move so I snapped some quick photos of him.

Sometimes a park can reveal so many little surprises, it's a joy. Check out Sunniviews for all the photos under the post titles: Spring Has Sprung, Naming Trees and Discerning Raccoon.

What a very Good Friday indeed!


Tara said...

Sounds like you had a great day!

I have tagged you to play 7 Random Things about Me...hope you can hop over to my blog for the rules--it is fun!


Abby Creek Art said...

What a beautiful park and a beautiful day you had!

Loved the video too...especially Dasher at the end. What a cutie pie!

Manspace said...

That looks like too much fun and the kids are swinging.
Howcome you did not give it a whirl.
Love, Dad