Sunday, June 1, 2008

Following Ants

We recently made a visit to the Historic Oak View County Park in Raleigh. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon! There is a beautiful garden, cotton field, peach orchard and lake just a short walk through cool, refreshing trees.

We stopped to sit by the water and have a little snack. As we enjoyed the fabulous weather, a very hardworking ant stopped by and started dragging a bit of a Dorito back to his little ant home. It was quite fascinating and were lucky to catch him on video:

See more pictures of our fun day at Sunniviews!


Donna said...

The ant video is so funny, Jen!

Historic Oakwood looks like a great place, glad you had a good time.


Manspace said...

Look! Here is another entry for the "Our State" magazine.

Jan said...

Even the ants are into junk food now? What is it coming too. So funny. What determination for sure. Love your blog and glad you stopped by. I just love your mothers designs and posts. You and I have a lot in common sounds like. The fun never ends. Oh should we just say, we bite our lips and call it fun ;)

Maddie and Mattie- what a team name.

Have a great weekend.

Beeswax said...

Wow, I'm going to play that for my kids. Ants are pretty impressive creatures. You can't blame him for wanting the Dorito, though. I might attempt something similiar if I found a dorito 15 times my size.

Once, in the philippines, my husband saw a group of ants carrying a cockroach corpse straight up a wall.

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