Friday, June 27, 2008

Not much time... but happy thoughts!

I don't have much time right now but have been thinking happy thoughts thanks to I found this little website from another blog, can't remember which one, but I bookmarked it awhile ago and set up my account last weekend. (See my happy thoughts on my Bee Happy widget - scroll down the sidebar on the left.) It's a great way to remember all the positive things in your life, especially when things get really hectic...

Like now, for instance! My first college course in almost 20 years is proving to be a challenge and I am as rusty as an old Chevy. (Speaking of rusty old Chevys, check out these pictures on Sunniviews I captured a few weekends ago when my husband and I went for a drive. It's the antique car graveyard!)

My class is a 15 week English course compressed into 5 summer weeks. Class is held 3 times a week (Mon-Tues-Wed from 6 to 9 pm) and each one represents a week. It's very overwhelming but I can do it, I CAN DO IT!! Even if I have to spend hours relearning basic sentence structure like subordinating conjunctions, subject compliments and passive transformations! (Quite honestly, I really don't remember learning these in the first place...)

I just keep remembering this picture (at top) that helps release all my anxiety and fills me with peace. This was taken at the Koka Booth Aphitheatre at an event that our organization held this past weekend. The cool rain, that ended just before the concert, brought in a gorgeous mist that enhanced the setting sun. Fabulous! And, luckily, I can use those weekend working hours as flex time this week for more studying! Hurray! And I'm so happy that my craft room is squeaky clean (for the most part) so I have a great place to spread out and get some homework done.

I read a quote recently that went something like "The more we have to do, the more efficient we become." Too true!

P.S. My daughter spent some time with her Nana (my mom) earlier this week. Check out this post on my mom's blog - what fun they had together!


Frumpy Luv said...

That photo does bring peace - you can do this!!! Summer courses can be killer - but what I found from getting back into school is that the first course is the hardest, then you are just right back in the swing of things. Good luck!

Donna said...

I love that photo, Jen, so peaceful.
AND, I love the happy thoughts! I am definitely going to check that out (kinda makes you think about how much we have to be happy and thankful for).

I'm so happy class is going well for you and you took the initiative to go and follow your dream. And I know you can do it!

Jan said...

Have a sunni weekend Sunni. Your Maddie is adorable. I wish she could play with my Mattie. That is what my daughter said when she saw your mothers post. So cute.

Anonymous said...

I love your Happy post! It really is important to think about the Happy Things in life :) YAY!

Manspace said...

Yep there is an element of discovery when you go back for some course work. I discovered how much I missed when there was the time for school and education. Now the older I get the more I find out what I don't know.
Dig in. You go girl!
Love, Dad
P.S. I find out a lot from daughter #1 and #2.

Abby Creek Art said...

Hi good to be back blogging! I wanted to say kudos to you for going back to school. I went back when I was 30 and it was the best thing I ever did.

Also...thanks so much for your support and kind words about Steve. It helped more than you know.xox

The French Nest said...

Congratulations on returing to school, and I wish you all the best!

I hope you are having a safe and fun 4th of July!


keeper of the chocolates said...

jen :) i have missed you....looks like we both took a summer break, but i hope to see you again soon :) how are you!!

hugs my friend,